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"There's always room in rock 'n' roll for some stuff to start happening at a grassroots level, and the most interesting stuff seems to start there." — Edge

by Jessica

Wow. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I'd been to a lot of concerts, but not a U2 show. I told myself that I *would* see U2 when they came around again, but when they did, they were 4 hours away on a weekday! So I resigned myself to not going, until I (the unluckiest person in the world) won tickets from a radio station. So I got to go, and I am so glad I did.

Bono was full of energy. It was electric. Though I had expected him to strut the catwalk, I was surprised Edge did also, and I was so psyched about that, because I adore Edge. I enjoyed the mix of older songs, but would have liked to hear Pride, Stay, or Wild Horses, though I can't really complain, as that's the first time I've ever heard them live, and it was fantastic.

The best part of the show (other than actually being there, seeing the greatest rock band in the world perform) were the people around me. My friend and I, both incredibly short people, begged the [extremely] tall guys in front of us to let us stand in front of them so we could see. It is very rare to find courteous and nice people at concerts, and we found two of them at this concert. (if there is a millionth of a chance one of you is reading this, thank you again)

What can I say? I'd see 'em again and again and again...

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