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"It's a trap when you agree to being one person because when you step out of character with that, you look like a hypocrite." — Bono, on his MacPhisto persona

by Alejandro

I am Alejandro, 20 years old and this is my story. long story.
I traveled that day from Mexico just to see U2 play. I was waiting for this moment for 3 years, since I am a fan. The first song that I heard from U2 (knowing it was U2, cause I remember hearing the oldies but not paying much attention to the music), well the first song I heard was The Sweetest Thing. I saw it on video and I loved the sense of humor of the band.
Well, so I bought my ticket at $250 in section 110 row 10, and bought my airplane ticket and my hotel night and everything, so I was so excited. I was going alone because none of my friends could afford to go since they were going away on vacactions for the Holy Week.
The problem is that I missed my flight in the afternoon, and the next flight to houston was at 8 o clock. So "I had to wait, i couldn't just pass". I arrived at 9 o'clock to the airport hoping that PJ Harvey is still on the set. I told the taxi driver to go as fast as she could and at 9 40 I was at the Compaq Center. And guess which song was the first song I heard live in all of my life?

THE SWEETEST THING gave me the goosebumps as soon as I just heard it in the halls of the arena. From then on , I left behind all my misfortunes of the day, and enjoyed the rest of the concert. Every song gave goosebumps, except the ground beneath her feet, because I love the Edge's solo in the album version like DAVE said in his review. In a little while was so sexy I called my girlfriend from my cellphone to Mexico. Where the Streets have no name didn't sound like routine at all, as I thought before, it was beautiful to just presence it, the lights and the fans and Bono screaming with his arms wide open. Bad was almost perfect, I wanted to hear the Sympathy for the Devil part but it's still the best song for me. The Rattle and Hum version is the reason I became a fan. Mysterious Ways wasn't as attractive as the ZooTV version where Bono sings some high pitched words. Then the Fly, which is also one of my personal favorites, and was dissapointed not to see it in the POPMART Video. Bullet the Blue Sky was a must-see-live. With or without you?

I loved that part where BONO asked for the flag and the jerk ladies didn't want to give it him unless he came up, yeeah right. At the end of the song, he started to sing "Give it to me, Give it to me" and then he gave up and concluded with the OOOOHHHSSS. He then said "I see there's some Irish people on the house, they might be the highest of the class, but not the smartest of the class" or something like that, I don't remember the last word. One was wonderful, it is probably the best version from all the 15 versions I have ever heard from them. Walk on is also my favorite from the new album and it was beautiful how they played it, but we wanted more, so probably that is not the best song to end the show. They should end with GRACE or something a little slower. But anyway it's still the best show(soccer, sports, music, striptease, everything) that I have ever been to.

Still it was only half a show, I wanted to go to Dallas to see the next concert, I had already made the reservation but I was looking at another 500 dlls of money spent, so I chickened out, knowing that I will be sorry for my whole life. But I am still hoping that they come for another LEG.

Sorry If it was too long, I just had to get it out of me. I don't know any hardcore fans as me, so I might as well let go with you.

Thank you and greetings from MEXICO

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