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"You know there are moments when I've yearned to be a country and western singer." — Bono

by Chip C

This show is unbeleivable!!! If you haven't seen it yet, your'e gonna love it. The boys really came together for Texas. No falls, few lyric changes, it was a great show. They did not drop any songs from the original set list in Miami.

I've been following U2 since 1985 and this was by far their best show.

My highlights were: The Fly- not one I was excited about, but this version rocks!

Streets- You have to look at the crowd when the lights come on during this song, it will take you somewhere you never thought existed!
It was amazing to see that everyone in the Compaq Center was rocking to this song. There was a 50+ year old man in front of me who was sitting the entire time until this song and 2 13 year-old boys to my right who were jamming with their mom. It was great. This is crearly their bench-mark song. This is the one that will last forever amongst all age groups.

Read my review for the Dallas show as well.
Bono, Edge, see ya in two weeks in California!

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