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"Fashion photography is . . . boring. There's no discovery there, it's just a bunch of beautiful people. Our job as artists is to find beauty in the unexpected places." — Bono

by John Odom

What a great show. I barely missed being inside the heart so that's a bummer. I ended up on the floor just behind the railing in front. I'd never been in a situation like that and man was it awesome. I've never had such a feeling of euphoria in any event, including Sunday's Wrestlemania. I don't think a large majority of the fans around me got into PJ Harvey like I did. I wasn't too familiar with her work but she's a helluva rocker. Unfortunately, a young lady near me would shout out "U2" while Harvey was performing. Talk about classless. After a few minutes of intermission, the boys came out and the magic started. Bono proved why he is a great showman. The rest of the band were on fire as well. I've only been to PopMart in 1997 but I don't know if I've ever heard them play as hard or as loud since I started following the band. The only bad thing about the show was Bono's constant teasing of our section and this broad behind me. An excellent job by our fave Irish rockers. Thank God I have tickets for the May 13th show in Chicago. This show is a no miss one.

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