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More than a boss, he's the owner, because more than anyone else, Bruce Springsteen owns America's heart. -- Bono, from his induction speech for Springsteen at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by Bill Shipley

I literally just walked in the door from the U2 concert in Houston ears still ringing and all. After reading about Bonos cracking voice and his inability to walk backwards without falling down, I am proud to say that the band redeemed themselves. What a great performance U2 put on! They sounded phenomenal!

Bono was fantastic: hitting the high notes when it was right and never singing with graceful harmony. What was really cool was when he demanded a fan way up in the VIP box to throw down their Irish flag. At first, the fan didnt give. Then Bono made the comment that Irish people are high on the totem pole, yet not the brightest people in the world. Soon after, the fan donated the flag, to which Bono explained why he used to be embarrassed by its sight, but how it has just recently become important to him.

Other highlights were when some guy who was body surfing was allowed on stage and Bono gave him a big hug. Just before, Bono did what he does best, and invited a girl up to slow dance with him. Also, at one point Bono made the comment, Houston, we have a problem right before the band went into Discotheque.

This was the third U2 concert Ive seen, and I can honestly say that this was the best. They even sounded better tonight than they did on my two videotapes I have of them in concert (ZOO TV in Sydney and Popmart in Mexico City). Im sure theyll spit out other great shows in months to come, but whoever chooses which show to put on tape (or DVD for that matter) should definitely not overlook the Houston show I experienced tonight.

By the way, PJ Harvey was great as well!


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