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"I'm proud of what we achieved in stadiums, but this record is not about that. There's no artifice." — Larry, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

by Les Mercer-Smith

Absolutely Awesome!!!! Excellent venue !!! Superb sound!! Bono's Brilliant Voice! The Edge, Adam and Larry truly the best musicians on the planet!! Set list was a wish list of a setlist. I will follow was what I was hoping to hear but I did not hold out much hope knowing what had been played the previous dates. Me, my wife, brother-in-law and his girlfriend got to the Stadium about 4 o'clock and just made it into the front section before they stopped anymore hopefuls getting up close to the action, so was well chuffed! Idlewild and Athlete both good. Only thing I could not understand was that some people around us apart from a few were for some reason not going wild, but just standing there as if they were watching paint dry!!! And not watching the best live band in the solar system. Do me a favour if you were one of them - go and sit in the stands next time and let the real fans near the front. We did not stop jumping/singing all night long which is not bad going for a 39 year old.

So these 4 fans will carry on following U2 til Bono can no longer carry on!!! If your seeing them this Year you are in for the treat of your life.

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