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He is a brainy man and he thinks extreme poverty is stupid. -- Bono, on Bill Gates

by Jess Jones

After nearly 4 months of being in possession of tickets in theory, 3 months of exam revision culminating in the final exam from hell the morning of the gig, 2 weeks of having the tickets on my wall distracting me from study, and 5 hours standing with aching knees and back on the pitch in the City of Manchester Stadium, all I could think was...this better be good.

"This better be good" indeed. U2 went and blew my bloody head off.

Last night was so much more than a gig. It was an event. I went through the full range of human emotion - utter euphoria (Vertigo x2, I Will Follow, Elevation, the Fly) to sadness (SYCMIOYO, With or Without You), to hope (One, and "the phone moment"), to just laughing my head off (Bono wearing the shamrock sunglasses of a very lucky young lady about 20 feet from me). Every song spoke to me. I was in a bloomin' good position on the pitch, but being only 5foot tall and surrounded by blokes at least a foot taller than me I saw sweet FA, with the wonderful exception of events on the ramps...but to be honest, it didn't matter. I was surrounded by people all in the same frame of mind as me and the atmosphere took my breath away.

Last night epitomised what good gigs should be all about. Worth every penny I paid and every minute I waited and every crick I've had in my neck all day today! I'm going to see Oasis - same venue - in two week's time. Bono and the boys are gonna take some beating.

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