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"I find someone like [James] Joyce quite rock 'n' roll, because he was bending and messing with words." — Bono

by Ben Dickson

the show was absoloutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im only 11 so this was my first ever concert and boy was it good! When i heard about last night i was worried that the same would happen the next night (having read the reviews). When athlete came on they didnt have a great start... or middle but i think they definetly pulled it off with their final song, wires. They got a fantastic cheer at then end of the song. Just before U2 came on the crowd started doing a mexican wave which i thought was really fun and it certainly got me in the mood!
At about 9:00pm U2 came on (finally!) and boy did the crowd go wild! I am a big fan of U2 with my brother and so we really wanted to see them live and finally they were on! They kicked off with a great performance with vertigo with the crowd singing every word (slightly out of tune)! Then was an amazing i will follow which again the crowd sang every word! Then followed (geddit!) a disapointing eletric-co where you couldn't hear a word bono was saying! Elevation! Now that really got me in the mood! Wa-ho Wa-ho-o etc...! Sang the crowd and i think that was what got bono in the mood to! The chorous really made me feel i had to fly so high... ELEVATION! My four favourite songs of the evening were elavation, City of Blinding..., Pride, and Streets. City of blinding... was amazing especially when the crowd all sang O You Look So Beautiful To Night! Pride was excellent because the crowd went wild when it started plus it is probably my fav U2 song. But the best out of all of them had to be Streets!!!!!!!!!!!! The lighting was superb the crowd were... i could go on forever bono was fantstic the edge, adam clayton and larry mullen jr all superb! They played Vertigo twice but the best one was the second peformance which went on for ages and we took over bono blocking his voice out! Overall i think it will be the best concert i go to ever!!! (But i maybe wrong).

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