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"We can write sexy songs and spiritual songs — and songs that are both. We can write anything we want — and get away with it." — Bono

by Stu Mann

So my 5th U2 Concert and what do I think?

My ears are still ringing and I will be humming COBL for a while no doubt but there was something about the crowd that just didn't do justice to the set.
I had heard that the first Manchester concert was lacklustre and the couple next to us who went to both nights said our show had more power and crowd support. (maybe a few more people who new the words!!)
but to me it seemed that there were too many people out for the day rather than hardcore in it for life fans.

It was certainly nowhere near as good as the Elevation tour date at the MEN Arena a couple of years ago. Then the crowd and the band literally blew the roof off, sang for hours together and screamed for more, with the boys kindly obliging.
This time it felt like the audience wanted to curl up with a cocoa and fluffy slippers instead of demanding more from the greatest rock band on the planet.

Don't get me wrong the band put on an amazing show, it was the venue and the day trippers that didn't work.
With such a wide fan base you can't please everyone but I would hope the next tour is an arena one.

Kudos for the ZOOTV return!

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