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“He is a superb showman, but there is something more going on . . . Something to do with politics, kids, freshness and breakthrough. And love." — Joan Baez, on Bono's Live Aid dance

by Lord Jennings of Jenningsshire

I posted a review for last night But it ended up on the 15th instead of the 14th Oops!

The second Manchester show was so much better; the crowd on the 14th wasnt even comparable!! It seemed the folk tonight were more local, instead of folk from abroad and tourists diluting the intensity... The pitch also seemed near to capacity. To see the whole crowd jumping up and down, singing every word is a sight to behold! The gig kicked off a tad later so the added darkness suited the stage set-up much better

Again, the band was on top form and really looked as if they were enjoying themselves

Vertigo and I Will Follow seemed louder tonight and the crowd was going berserk, as with most of the other tracks I wanted to be on the pitch but I have a broken knee so was in Block 217 at the back, last night was block 220 but this seemed a little better... Tickets can be found cheap on Ebay towards the gig date

I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For and All I Want Is You sounded fantastic, the crowd were so loud in parts it blocked out the sound of the band, it really was that good!

Tonight, the Zoo TV Encore went down a blast and Zoo Station was very well received Mysterious Ways was skipped and although I love it, I didnt really miss it The encore seemed much tighter this way

In conclusion, it was a much better gig, the setlist was tweaked only slightly but worked much better. The crowd was simply fantastic, they dont get any better! It was a memorable night and is making me think about going to Twickenham this weekend!!!

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