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The great thing about our material is that it is incredibly simple. But it's incredibly complicated to get it that simple. -- Adam

by Daniel Burns

It's been 13 years since I saw them last on the Joshua Tree Tour, and tonight brought back such memories, ahhh- nostalgia. The guys of U2, although a little aged and a little less mobile around the stage played a great mix of tunes.

I was on the side of the stage about 15 rows back with a great view. Hand to God this actually happened - before Nelly Fertado came out, I noticed beside me on the next row of seats, the guitar player for Hootie and the Blowfish!! How Cool!

The best parts of the show were the beginning with - Elevation and Beautiful day,
I got chills when U2 played Bad and Streets Have no name, I actually wished that "Streets" had been the beginning song for the encore, but they didn't ask me.

The light show was incredible, especially the strob effect on the heart stage, it really got the crowd going.

Two things I want to mention not to be critical but hey I paid the $130 tickets, Bono seemed to walk more around the stage and not dance and at times he seemed sluggish. It seemed like his energy level was down that night, and this reduced the effect on some of the songs. The other dissappointment was not hearing "All I want is you".

Other than those two things and some rather dissapointing colors for T-shirts I had an awesome night. The 13 year wait was worth it. I can't wait to see the boys in Washington DC. Yes! DB is outta here :)

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