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With punk, you could pick up a guitar and you didn't have to play it very well. But with hip-hop, you didn't even have to play badly -- you just got a record of somebody who could play. -- Bono

by hibricc

My first U2 show, as a college senior. I'd been to a lot of live concerts, but this show felt different... as if everyone in the building were hovering a few inches off the floor, an uplifting experience -- until Bono chewed out the whistling fans during "Springhill" ("We're not the Beatles, this is U2"). Ahh, those serious Joshua Tree shows. Side note: a girl in our group snuck in a walkman and thought she was taping the whole show, before realizing (during the encore!) that the batteries were stone cold dead. She quickly pulled the batteries out of her smuggled camera and recorded the final song, "40". The quality was amazing (I still have a copy somewhere), sadly pointing out what a great bootleg opportunity was missed.

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