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"We allow each other to pursue our goals. I wouldn't want to be married to someone who was not happy with what they were doing with their life and Bono wouldn't either." — Ali Hewson

by JJG4

This was the very first concert which I ever attended and it changed my life. I was 13 years old and my father had received a few tickets from someone through work for this band which I had never heard much about. So my father, my mother, my younger brother and I all went to see U2, it must have looked comical.
Lone Justice did not make much of an impression on me, but when U2 came out, I was stunned. Though I had never heard any of their music before, I was enthralled by the whole experience. During 'Bad', Bono pulled this woman on stage who I later met and still know til this day. At the end, I was mesmerized as they did '40' and the crowd was all singing along, very emotional. The lights came up and there were people crying, and my father turned to me and said something about how music can be dangerous because of the response it can evoke.
It was a life-changing experience. Not only did I become the world's biggest U2 fan afterwards, but much of what I learned that night influenced my career as a musician. Twenty-two years later, it is still one of the highlights of my life. It must be if I googled the date and ended up posting this review, right?

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