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One part of his brain is a genius, but he can only focus on one thing. He wasn't able to negotiate his way through school, but he can sit and read seven books in a day. -- Ali, on Bono

by stacey rimmer

U2's visit to winnipeg was one i have been anticipating for months, and it exceeded my high expectations!!! Their stage was amazing to look at, just a small bonus to the band that for me would have been just as exciting to watch without the stage. They sounded awesome live, no words can describe the power that is U2! It gave me goosbumps head to toe, it brought tears to my eyes when you would see the passion on Bonos face when the crowd sang to them, and when he would pipe in and join them. It was a BEAUTIFUL sight to see. The best and most thrilling concert i have ever attended, or will ever attend, unless i have the opportunity to see another U2 concert! Just spectacular! wonderful, they look and sound great, they seem to love their fans, and eachother! More than a band!

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