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"I am 'David Evans' to customs officials, policemen and sales assistants." — Edge

by David Racz

This was my first U2 show ever. I became a new fan of U2 over the past few months. This concert was a end of the school year present to my girlfriend who is a teacher and huge U2 fan and this was also her first show.

I loved this show with it's elaborate stage show and great music. We had great seats, low in the stands to the right of the stage about even with the b-stage. The setting could not have been better, a warm clear night. I loved walking to the stadium and seeing the apartments and frat houses with signs like "U2 Can Party Here!!"....the setting could have not been better. Some of the complaints I have read about this show said that the crowd was not in it, well those around me had a great time and were really into the show. The sound was great since it was outdoors. The Lemon and everything else was just so cool!!! What a great time and I can't wait for the new tour to start.

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