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Don't spend too much on the box and the wrapping paper. No matter how big the occasion, your loved ones just want what's inside.-- Bono, on what's he learned from being in U2, 2002

by Kevin Mallon

What can I say, they have proven themselves again to be head and shoulders above the rest. This concert was musically sound while theatrically genius. This band does not just put on a show they make an experience for the entire audience. Popmart was two hours of riveting excitement.

I knew what the set list going in and was skeptical about the order but U2 proved to know what was going on. This show was planned very well and extensively. However, Bono still was able to go off on little tangents. For example, he became a little over zealous with his dance mate during "Miami" and had to sprint back to the mainstage to sing "Bullet". It took a little time for the band to get back in sync but when they did they gave the United States a little slap in face.

Highlights were "Please", "HMTMKMKM", "Last Night on Earth", "Staring at the Sun", and "Discotheque". The album, Pop, sounds better live than it does in the studio. Anyone who does not think that album is good needs some better taste in music.

There were no down points because the band was able to adjust at any moments notice. They are experienced stadium rockers and proved again tonight.

I very much look forward to the Chicago shows and encourage everyone to see the show. I understand there are numerous tickets available for the Sunday night show.

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