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I need the music more than I need politics or the activism, I can assure you of that. -- Bono

by Jeff Fluckiger

Well, this was the best of the best, the king of the courts, the MOTHER of concerts! This show was in a league of its own.

Fun Lovin' Criminals opened up as usual and they sounded very... unique. -But they did play our Alma Mater on the trumpet! When Howie B. came in, he was pretty cool! He definitely knows how to spin! He even mixed the 'Mission:Impossible' theme song (by Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen) live!

When 'Popmuzik' came on, I was hyped! U2 rocked steadily into 'Mofo' and the rest of the set. The video screen, and the lemon as well as all of the other accessories worked great, and were very mind-blowing. I have NEVER been to a U2 concert before, and come to think of it, I've never been to ANY concert before, but after this, I don't think that any band in the universe could compare to U2's extravaganza!

The only "disappointment" would be that I was really hoping to hear more than just Bono and Edge on 'Staring at the Sun' and 'If God Will Send His Angels'. As Bono played with all of our beachballs, he became very intimate as he thanked all of us for helping to make U2 what they are today. They were here way back in 1981, so they do like it here. -And Bono compared the other U.S. cities to Madison, and he exclaimed that "Madison is really the best place..." -I hope he really meant that, and didn't just say it.

Before the concert, I bought a T-shirt, an inflatable lemon, and a program. -That ran me about $60.00, but it was worth it. Bono asked if we all like what our tickets helped buy (the lemon, the screen,etc.) Bono also said that "We're coming back here" which gave us all hope that we'll see U2 again in the future. This was a GREAT show! The lemons were ripe, the POP was carbonated, and U2 rocked!!!!

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