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"We always see this planet as belonging to God — I think it belongs to us. We probably stole it from God. But you can try and give bits of it back." — Bono

by Mark O''Bryan

This was my 7th U2 show and my first under adverse weather. I noticed signs on the way in saying that the show would be filmed. I'm not sure if that was for U2.com members to watch it or if this means a potential to show up on DVD (either on its own or for the Achtung Baby/Zooropa remasters-there were 5 songs from Achtung Baby and 2 from Zooropa). The crowd was really into most of the songs, but I did notice a lot of people taking their seats during the slow songs and some of the non greatest hits. I don't know if that could be attributed to the heat or the loss of intimacy with a stadium show. Bono kept making references to people watching the concert from their windows at the nearby Hilton hotel, even asking those people to flicker their lights (of which one person did oblige). Kudos to the band for not letting their discomfort with the heat show. Bono did use the term "warm", but never hot. There's something to be said about projecting that positive attitude. They did change clothes a number of times, but who could blame them? Bono took out his earplug to hear the crowd a few times to hear the crowd chanting or cheering after a few of the songs.

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