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"This is the only town on the planet where they're not going to notice a 40-foot lemon." — Bono, in Las Vegas on the PopMart tour

by Mike

Well, there's nothing further to add about the awesome spectacle that U2 360 was... and St. Louis (though blistering hot) was one of those fortunate cities to be included on this, the final leg of the tour. The real joy, for me personally, this time around was getting to take my whole family (including my three teen kids), plus, a sister, a nephew, and several friends who had never seen U2 before (ranging in age from 12 to 46). People with only a casual interest in U2 (or little interest at all), and seeing their reactions and hearing their praise all night long after the show. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that though you may leave the show, these shows will never leave you. Sunday night's count just in my small circle of family and friends: 9 new U2 fans (fanatics).

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