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The entertainment business is videos and TV and all that glitz and glamour, but musicians are about something else, about communications, about feelings, emotions. -- Adam

by Rick Bernstein

I'm coming down from a massive high after seeing U2 in St. Louis for the 4th times since 1985, when I first saw them at the Sundome in Tampa Florida. The set was incredible, a visual dreamscape. During the daylight hours the "Claw" design didn't reveal much; then the sun went down and it jumped with the best visuals I've ever seen. The video screen; it was unique, then went to a totally mind blowing experience when it tripled in size and came down in a circle around the band. The song list was a perfect mixture of old, what I like, and new, what the new generation of U2'ers like I suspect. Only disappointment was no New Year's day. I even heard men in the john make a similar complaint. Overall: They're the best band of the last 2-3 decades, with the best music, lyrics and the most outstanding use of technology to make for an outstanding evening of music entertainment.

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