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"The thing that's most oppressive in our era is celebrity. And that's why people want to burn my house down. I think I understand that." — Bono

by Shawn R. Gethers

It is now a full day after the concert, and I am just getting my voice back from all the screaming and singing. As far as U2 and their performance, awesome. As far as the price of the tickets, terrible. Trust me I have the coin, then again you should get the best seats based on the highest price paid. I understand U2 are from Ireland and most likely Socialist in their political stance, but come on boys this is a Democracy here in the States. My advice to those yet to attend this tour, get rid of your high priced seats and go on the floor in you can. Anyway, in regards to the music, here's my run down. Elevation and Beautiful Day (good start), Until the End of the World (awesome), New Years Day (great of course, why so early in the show?), Stuck In A Moment (why all the dedications to the dead?), Gone (at least they didn't forget POP totally), Kite (like Gone, doubt many knew the song, but nice), New York (maybe the best version of a any song Bono sang), I Will Follow (finally people are awake), Sunday Bloody Sunday (took the crowd some time, Bono starts losing voice), In A Little While (good live, liked the format), Desire and Stay (nice exchange between Bono and The Edge, rather heard them with the full band), Bad/Ruby Tuesday (awesome, besides the fact that most people once again had no idea Ruby Tuesday was being sung, let alone knew what it was), Where The Streets Have No Name (always the best song to see/hear "live", after 5 shows, can't get over the lights), Mysterious Ways (considering Bono ran a mile around the stage for the previous song, not bad) The Fly (happy to hear the song, unhappy that The Edge didnt sing the back-up high notes, kind of left Bono stranded), now for the encore: Bullet The Blue Sky (any reason that U2 deems in necessary to throw their political crap down our throats?), With Or Without You (Bono's voice is GONE at this point, and for a crowd half way there, they didn't help out much), Pride (see With Or Without You quote allthough the crowd finally got going), One (nice version, Bono allowed his voice to relax, and didn't push it) Walk On (interesting finish, good to know they at least respect their new album)
Well, I know that was long and seemed more critical than anything, but as a die-hard fan I think I have every right. Don't get me wrong, still the best damn show you're gonna see.

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