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You'll never see the band emerge from the dressing room until at least half an hour after each show, and it's not because they're taking showers. [E]very night the five of us sit down and deconstruct the show. -- Paul McGuinness

by Neil

Milwaukee Review

I was a lot more nervous heading to this show than I was in Minneapolis, as my calls to the Bradley Center regarding their GA policy yielded less than promising information. They told me that the GA line would begin forming at noon, with all ticket holders being admitted by 6:00 pm. They didnt know anything about wristbands. Determined to have a great time anyway (how could one not), our group decided to leave Dubuque, IA @ 7:00 am. There were 8 of us total, which was cool, especially since only 3 of us had seen U2 before. After getting a later start than we wanted, we arrived in Milwaukee at around 11:00 am. I figured people would ignore the noon lineup, and I was correct, as there were probably 80 people already ahead of us in line. We picked out our spot and got as comfortable as one could be in the hot sun. I asked around but no one knew anything about wristbands, etc. Finally they gave us wristbands about 1:30 (to the cheers of the line), and we were told we could leave and still be guaranteed early entrance and admission into the heart. A pleasant surprise! Anyway, most people stayed, as they wanted to pick out a good spot in the heart. My friend Paul and I walked around downtown for a while, and then went around the Bradley Center to see if we could see the band arrive. At around 3:30 we saw PJs bus pull in, and saw her walk into the building. No one paid much attention to her at all. We waited for awhile longer, and then a black Mercedes pulled up and out popped Larry! He was totally cool, he signed autographs for everyone who wanted one, and took pictures as well. I got him to sign my Irish flag (the only thing I had on me). I also got my picture taken with him (hopefully the guy who took it for me on his camera sends it to me!). U2s bus pulled in next, and Adam and Edge walked right into the building, they just waved to us. In a little while Bonos security guard came out and told us that Bono would come out and he would say hi. He told us not to crowd and to stay orderly (not that it mattered, since we were all behind an iron gate). Anyway, Bono came and signed randomly (didnt get my flag signed L), and said hello. He didnt talk above a whisper, saving his voice for the show I assume, but maybe he wasnt feeling so well. Anyway it was totally cool just to say a simple thanks and hello to both Bono and Larry. It is so awesome how they are so gracious and humble. I thought I would be so star struck, but as I met them it was just like they were normal guys. Very cool.

When we got back to the GA line we found that everyone was crowded up against the doors. Apparently security just whistled and everyone rushed. Lots of people lost their spots and were upset, but it didnt really matter if you had a wristband, you were good to go. We made it into the heart, and staked out a spot near the tip on Edges side, same as the Minneapolis show. I enjoyed PJ more this time, I was able to pay better attention to her. I wish her sound was as good as U2s, it was still king of muddy even from the heart. Anyway, once the remix of Elevation came on the crowd went nuts and the band came out kickin. Once again, Ill just hit some highlights of the show

Main Set: Elevation, Beautiful Day, Until the End of the World, New Year's Day, Stuck In a Moment, Gone, Kite, New York, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, In a Little While, Desire, Stay, Bad/Ruby Tuesday/40, Where the Streets Have No Name, Mysterious Ways, The Fly

Encore(s): Bullet the Blue Sky, With or Without You, Pride, One/Happy Birthday, Walk On

Elevation/Beautiful Day:
So much energy in the heart. It was so great to see 5 of my friends who are all fans but have never seen U2 live absolutely freaking out! I am still blown away by how much energy this band has!

Until the End of the World/New Years Day:
Bonos showmanship was in full form again tonight, and even though I have seen it before, the bullfighting makes me laugh still. The chemistry between Bono and the Edge is so great to see up close.

Stuck in a Moment:
Bono talked before the song about how the last time they were in Wisconsin they were in a giant lemon spaceship. We miss our lemon. He also talked about the last time the band played Milwaukee, at a club called the Palms. Bono missed his cue in the first verse, he was all choked up. I am not sure whether it had to do with his voice or with emotion.

I was happy to hear this song, although it was probably the most unfamiliar to the crowd. Loved the lighting!

This is one weve been playing for a couple weeks, and now were actually quite good at it. He aint lyin'!

New York:
Again, I am impressed at this song live, especially the ending.

I Will Follow:
The heart was crazy! Bono extended the bridge again. Where are we going without our spaceship? Nothings changed, same as its always been Just four boys trying to catch their dream Dream out loud.

Sunday Bloody Sunday:
I didnt pull out my Irish flag, being that Larry signed it and I am retiring it form active concert duty ;). Bono did grab a flag from the guy close to me in the heart. Youve got to be careful with these things, theyll get you into trouble. Right now, I am pretty proud of this flag.

Band Intros:
Bono and Edge had some kind of joke during this that I didnt pick up on, but they got quite a chuckle out of it.

In a Little While:
Emotional version, as always

Bono gave his harmonica to a guy at the outside tip of the heart.

Great! Bono lets the crowd chant Milwaukee in the city part.

Fantastic! Included Ruby Tuesday, which was a treat. Bono started 40, but the band picked it up again so he went with it. They then slowed it down a second time and we got to chant. Bono smirked at the band.

What can I say? The Bad/Streets combo is almost too much to handle!

Mysterious Ways:
The heart is jumping again!

The Fly:
A girl with seats behind the stage had a sign that read Its my birthday, put me on stage. Bono started the intro by singing You say its your birthday, and it pays to advertisebut Love, we shine Classic! During the solo Bono grabbed a Happy Birthday plastic bowler hat from someone in the heart. He proceeded to hold it out for donations, and people threw all kinds of stuff. It appeared that he got a dollar or at least some paper and stuffed it in his pocket. Bono did not exit through the crowd, but plastered himself on the video wall at the end of the song.

The Edge. Amazing.

With or Without You:
I love the lighting. This song always gives me goose bumps.

I was screaming oh oh oh oh with no voice left. Magical and priceless.

Bono thanked us for spending our $$, and talked about support for the Jubilee campaign. Call your senators and representatives and tell them Bono is going to get really mad at them. When we get back to Europe were going to kick their asses too! Bono starts singing Happy Birthday at the end of the song and we all join in.

Walk On/Hallelujah:
To the Almighty! The shortest two hours of my life (again).

It took a very long time for the house lights to come on after the show was done, so the crowd cheered for a long time. I tried to get a pick from Dallas Schoo, but he passed them out on the other side of the stage so I was out of luck. U2 were amazing again tonight. I think that Bono was having some soreness in his voice tonight, he held off on some of the higher stuff. However, this didnt detract at all from the show. What a band, what a night! Chicago next!

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