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Psalms and hymns . . . prepared me for the honesty of John Lennon, the baroque language of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, the open throat of Al Green and Stevie Wonder. -- Bono

by Mike D

It was very awesome, Bono's voice sounded great from what I could hear of it (crowd especially the people behind me were very loud, but I was singing along too for most of the show). He did the "Wide Awake" part in Bad in the traditional style, and Desire was done with the "Oh sister" part which I haven't heard for a while, it seemed to have been cut out of other recent performances, as it required his higher range, but he sang it very well. I Will Follow had the "your eyes" part, Bad ended with Ruby Tuesday (he tried to start "40" but the crowd drowned him out and he moved to RT), and One ended with "Happy Birthday to me," which the crowd sang along to.

Interestingly, they did Desire not with the acoustic guitar they did Stay with, but with whatever one they used for In a Little While, it was definitely not like the Irving Plaza or PopMart Mexico etc... sound, but also not that of Lovetown or ZOO TV, but different, still very cool.

I think Pride is back in the old key, amazing to sing along to and hear live. WTSHNN seemed back to a ZOO-TV or JT like performance, I didn't detect a hint of PopMart in it... He ran around the heart during that song. The only real problem was that the volume of the crowd made the Edge's guitar very hard to make out in some parts, you could hear it very loud, but I couldn't make out the melody at times.

PJ Harvey was all right, she has a very powerful voice, but none of her songs stood out enough for me that I stopped looking at my watch. Her songs were very short compared to U2, and she played about 40 minutes. The band went on about 8:30 or a bit after, and played until just after 11:00, the set went over 2 hours.

The guitar in Stay came through amazingly clear, a cool song to hear, and the sequencer in Bad sounded so clear, it was like on Rattle and Hum.

Overall a fantastic performance, Bono sounded great considering some of the other recent stuff I have heard, and the show was flawless as far as I could hear. Thanks for a great night, please come back soon!

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