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I think God gets annoyed with the gifted. We should know that our work is no more important than a plumber's or a carpenter's. -- Bono, 2004

by Jeff Topping

I am writing this 13 years later so it is hard to be specific. I remember the scene outside the boston garden to be similar to a Grateful Dead concert with people begging for tickets as soon as we got off the subway. Unbelievable!
The place was very rumbly and loud, so when the crowd went nuts it literally hurt my ears. Although it hurt even worse during the 92 St. Patricks day show.. my ears are still ringing. Anyhow, security was loose, so we got right next to the stage by the edge and bono came running up to use during helter skelter i snapped a few pictures with my crummy little camera. they barely came out, but i'm glad I took them now, looking back, they server as nostalgic photos. They show is also available on video as part of the Rattle and Hum outtakes sessions. Most of this show is filmed with sound, however I've never seen an (EX) quality version of it available. Bono did the "kick the cup of water" bit a couple time, he brought 5 fans up with an amnesty banner. The encore saw Out of Control with the houselights on. Celebrate!

I will try to post 3-4 of my photos..

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