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"I try to avoid fashion if at all possible." — Edge

by Robert Cogan

Hands down the best of 10 shows I saw this tour.

Arcade Fire are incredible and they jolted the room in a huge way and ended with a U2 style bang never seen by a back up band.

The u2 show was the crispiest sonic display I have witnessed and heard. (20+ shows since 1984)

8 Electric Co.'s this year and this one topped them all. Until The End of The World was unbelievably crisp and explosive.

Bullet, Miss Sarajevo, Love & Peace, Sometimes, City and all of them were so on this show.

The CROWD. Only once at the Joe Carter home run did I hear a crowd like that. In 1993 at SkyDome, it lasted 5 minutes, on Sat and Monday the crowd was deafaning for basicly the whole show, screaming and singing.

I knew the AF/U2 combination would be huge...it was in an enormous way.

Toronto #4 was the best show ever for 2 months, Montreal #2 is the BEST U2 Show I have ever seen!


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