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"Some people say that as they get older and/or have a family they mellow out. For me, the opposite is true. " — Bono

by pascal

This was my 7th U2 concert, was on the floor for every shows and on that monday night, for the first time in the elipse. It was absoulutely fantastic. A lot of fans say that they didn't like the luck factor in determining the people who have to go in there. What I think is that they should ask how many show they attend before and give the places to anyone who haven't been there before. Living the show from that distance is something that any U2 fan should live at least once in there life. For myself, I lived it now and would gladly let someone else go at the next U2 show that I will go.
Now, as far as the show is concern. Having Arcade Fire to open was the most amazing thing that could happen. I am a hardcore fan of them for a year and their performance was absolutely incredible. They were switching instruments for every songs and they were awesome at all of them. It is incredible the energy that they can give. During one song, I don't remember witch one, they were all signing so powerfully and they had all there eyes closed to give as much as they could. And what about those two nuts kicking on everything they could kick. They really had the time of their life and we all felt it, al least I did. To be honest, I could have gone home after their performance and I would have been really happy. But Hey! I am also a hardcore U2 fan for the last 20 years so I couldn't miss it for the wolrd. As usuall they were better then great. After streets, Edge and Bono took their hear plugs out to really listen to the screeming of 20000 crazy fan. I have seen loads of concert in my life, even U2 in montreal but that time, I think, it beat them all.

Thanks U2 for another evening to remember and bringing Arcade Fire for the encore was a class act. That really say a lot about what U2 can give and what Arcade Fire is going to be.

Until next time

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