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Some stupid U2 fans think that we have all the answers and that maybe we can save their world. But the majority of U2 fans are much smarter than that. -- Bono

by Chris

Quite an amazing thing to see U2 in concert. It reminds me in some ways of going to see the Grand Canyon in that movies, pictures and descriptions can't do the thing real justice. And no matter how many times you see them, the show will still blow you away like the first time.

The Bell Centre was echoing with guitar and cheer for hours to come I'm sure. The Electric Co. was completely amazing. Until the End of the World was as poignant as ever, buidling to a frenzy I have yet to find with another song (or band). And what can you say about Bono's Italian foray. Stunning, truly stunning.

I also enjoyed the interludes, threaded with important messages and prayers. Co-exist. Human Rights. Make Poverty History. The messages are so important right now with the WTO summit coming up. Bono always finds a way to bring these important issues into the show through the songs. It's a vital part of what U2 is. I was happy to see them more passionate than ever about it.

More than anything, I will remember this show for the Arcade Fire/ U2 encore. For me, it warpped up the show in style, and we got to see just how much fun U2 were having this night.

If this is Monday in Montreal...

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