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"I've never thought of myself as U2's drummer but rather a contributor to the overall sound." — Larry

by ginners

Went to the concert last night, and was blown away by arcade fire. Quality showmanship, but then again when you have seven flailing band members, its maybe easier to create that energy. You could really notice the difference between a band thats rtying to make it , and one that has it all. U2 was quality, but they didn't have any surprises. The encore was long,which was great, and i thought Bono's goodnight/goodbye moment done with the spotlight was fantastic....all in all the second half of their set was much better than the first half...i was sitting behind the stage, and I don't know id anyone else noticed, but there was a slip up, bono was lip synching, he reached for water, had the mic by his side, but you could still hear his vocals. This really let me down, and i understand, there's always gonna be back up in a show lik that...but he also had to reach for water a few times on the first few songs....which kinda made you question how seriously they were taking the show.....i felt that they got into it eventually. i like the final song with the drummer pounding to the vocals of the arena...that was great, he was carrying a rythm of 23000 people...i think i lost allot of the concert seeing as so much of it involved the backs of their heads..you just lose that inkling of communication, and although i was close, there's something to say when you can see the grimmace on a singers face when they hit that high note...his explanation of his dad and the opera was great, put allot of his lyrics into context for me.the edge was wicked, respect to him...it'd be nice to hear from the other band members, i always find ti odd that they never speak....i mean when the drummer made a "speech" last night, bono claimed it was the first time he had ever done that..it'd be nice to hear the members talk and interact with eachother between songs, have some variation.....i thought the concert was thrilling, but they didn't have any unique moment, they didn't surprise me, they did eveything i expected, which is great...but change is good, they need to try and ctach their audience off gurad in otehr ways..change things up...and back up political statements, if you're going to take the voice of an advocate, then you've got to be well spoken...i felt that bono used strings of loaded statements, with little thought...or substance, he has the power to make a difference, and he clearly sees that, but i think he has to do more research, he's no politician, no academic, and hey, if this is what he's going to use his fame for, then great, but get on the ball, and don' just say what you mean, know what you mean, have a strong opinion, give it substance, and spell it out.

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