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"White people don't do [soul music] very well because we don't want to let go. Nihilism suits us." — Bono

by doomi from quebec city

I'm Dominique, a 22 years old new U2 fan and Irish heart since two years.

My first but surely not my last U2 show! Amazing! We were just behind the scene, crazy shouting and dancing, all the crowd was crazy!

Arcane Fire was correct, the two last songs were good, and the drummer was crazy, like on a high, moving strangely, and hitting vary hard what he could find under his sticks..

Then a little wait, long wait... Technicians preparing the scene... and a big big shout to welcome of U2... city of blindings light... at the beginning the crowd shouted too hard, we could not hear the song! Then Vertigo and Elevation... super energy... great moment... everybody were singing and dancing... Then Bono had a little throat problem, made us fear the worst, but it was OK, we gave him our energy and our voice... At Electric co., I think that not everybody knows well this song or maybe Bono just had not done it perfectly right, but it was not as energetic as I expected... But it is the only one, with maybe Love or peace of else and Yahve that the crowd was a little bit less crazy...

We were standing and so on during 23 songs (almost, except for Miss Sarajevo)... We saw that the group was very impressed... Waving hands before going under the scene. There is so much great U2 songs!! There is always one song that you regret to do not hear, but they cannot play forty songs in a show!

At Mysterious ways, Bono invited a girl on the scene to dance with him. She was not shy and danced in front of 20000 persons, but I found that what Bono did was a little bit too much far(and I think that it was what also her thought, because at one time she seemed a little bit embarassed that Bono touched her, stopping moving). I know, it is also like a play, but I remember that Bono is a dad with a wife and children.

Even Larry said few words, it was maybe the first time he did a mistake on the drum. Bono talked too us in french many times, but it was very difficult to understand what he was saying. The Edge and Adam were moving well around the elipse. During at the end of the world, there was a run with Bono and The Edge still playing!

Finally, at 40, everybody sang, Larry did a little drum solo (alone!), and it was the end, it seemed so short, but it was very long in fact!

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