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"Being the Batman and Robin of rock ‘n’ roll has its disadvantages." — Edge, on U2's charity ethos

by dwaltman

Very last minute decision to go to this show!  At about noon on July 13, there was a ticket drop for this show.  I was working at the time and didn't get off until 1.  My significant other was also working and I couldn't get a message to her until 1.  So I bought 2 general admission tickets, and booked a hotel room at Embassy Suites.  At 1 pm, I saw my g/f and said "go home and pack, we are going to Montreal."  

Mind you, we live at least 5 hours from Montreal, by car.

By 2pm, we are on the road, stop for a quick bite, and take off.  We have to cross the border, no wait at customs.  We get to Montreal at 7:10, park in Embassy's garage, check into our room (nice suite, btw) change clothes and start the walk to the Bell Centre.  About a 20 minute walk, but once at the Bell Centre, we feel like Skinner's rats trying to find the entrance to go to the arena floor.  I'm getting really nervous that we will miss the opening, but finally we get to an entrance. We get my CC scanned, get our "North Side" bracelets, walk onto the floor at 8:05.  Two songs later, Patti Smith's "Power to the People" begins to play.  House lights go down (a little, not all the way) and here comes Bono.  We made it!

There are so many "moments" to this show that you would think it would't fit together, but that would be wrong.  From the "Boy" beginning to the intense finale of the 1st half we were captivated.  Then the playfullness and intimacy of the e-stage, the awesome version of Angel of Harlem with 2 fans.  Then the debut of "Lucifer's Hands" was fantastic, loved, loved it.  

Then "Bad."  My 20 year old son has been sober for 10 months now from the worst of addictions, and this song has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  It hit me in the gut and took me until the final encore to recover. 

Then the rally of mainstays at the end leaves everyone satisfied.  I can't wait for more.  Chicago 2, Toronto 1, and NY 7 & 8 are all planned trips.  

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