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I'm going to kick his butt. As it happens it's a very nice butt, as prime ministers go. -- Bono, on Canada's Paul Martin, 2005

by Miles

Remember in Rattle N Hum (the movie), where Bono says "I'm not sure that song should even be in the film, Sunday Bloody Sunday...because the day of the Eniskillen bombings will soon long since be forgotten, and people will not remember how we felt on stage..."

I think it's probably like that trying to describe some of the Elevation shows on this leg. You really won't understand unless you were there.

This show kicked ass. I can only agree with what some other people have said. None of the American flag stuff felt posed. During "Sunday", I just turned around and looked at the rest of the arena. Was like nothing I'd ever seen. You could feel the place vibrating. "Out of Control" was crazy. Even though alot of people didn't know the song, they could just sense it was something special. "Kite" had the girl next to me crying. I'm not kidding. Yeah, she probably had some other problems going on, but the song was that good...

I almost feel like I shouldn't see ever them again because nothing could top this. But then again I've thought that before...

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