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"It's not saying we even want to get along, but that we have to get along together in this world if it is to survive." — Bono, on "One"

by Shannon

Well, I confess--this is only my second show . However, in an effort to make up for lost time (lonnnnng-time fan, just a younger concertgoer), my sister & I camped out for the heart all day. Victory! We made it into the 2nd/3rd rows on Edges side. Here are some pix from the front lines.

As for the music itself--what is left to say? The goal is soul. Giddy, aching, untamable soul. The magnitude of it leaves you reeling.

Throughtout the crowd there seemed to be an uneasy joke about "oh, well--there goes the anthrax" with the stage lights and haze. I think we all half believed it could happen. And perhaps we were eased by the knowledge of Cipro. But more than that, I think we shared a common irony. After all, if the world were really to end...is there any other place you'd rather be?

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