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"Somebody's got to burst the bubble . . . for all the people who aren't making the music they could be making because somebody winked and their eyes got stuck." — Bono

by Andy Wolfe

This message is for Chuck from Austin but for anyone else reading it there is a review. I met Chuck in line at the Baltimore show and wathced the show with him. Email me Chuck and we will get in contact and talk about some future shows. My e-mail address is atwolfe@hotmail.com. Anyway, about the show. It was awesome. Baltimore was my fifth show on this tour, and it either ranks first or second, I still can't decide. The setlist was definetly my favorite, getting SHFWILF, Pride with the Martin Luther King Jr. speech like in the ZooTV tour, Out of Control, What's Going On and to top it off, Please. It was awesome to get Please, especially since I think that it was the first time on this tour that they have played that song. Plus, I have always loved the way that Please and WTSHNN flow together, like on the Popmart tour. The end of the show was very emotional also, with the names of all the September 11th victims scrolling on the screen behind the stage during One and Walk On. This was my sister's first show on this tour and she cried the last 10 minutes during One and Walk On. She loved the show, needless to say. She is not as big a fan as I am, but she is still a pretty big fan. She is 36 years old and has been to many, many concerts. She always said that James Taylor in Charlotte was the best concert that she had ever seen until I took her to a Popmart show in Clemson S.C., and then it took over her number one spot. Needless to say, the Popmart show is now second. Bono talked alot and I could actually understand what he was saying. Sometimes I just can't figure out what he is talking about, but I could this time. He talked about the bombings and how people shouldn't blame the people that live in Afghanistan and also shouldn't cause conflict with middle eastern people that live in the U.S. He compared it to troubles that they had in Northern Ireland and in England. He also talked about their first trip to the record studio with their first single, Out of Control. Then, of course, they rocked the house with that very song. Of the five shows that I have been to, I have been in the Heart for three. I was right next to the Heart in Boston with GC tickets. In Baltimore, I didn't make it inside the Heart. I was right at the tip about four or five deep and I was worried that it wouldn't be as good as inside the heart. Luckily, I was wrong. It was as good, if not better. Inside the heart, Bono doesn't really play to the crowd that much. You can see him all the time, but he's not actually singing to your group of people. Outside at the tip is where he spends a lot of time and he's right there in front of you singing. If you have been inside the heart, I recommend that you try a show outside at the tip, especially if you can get in the first or second row. I guess I've rambled on enough. Anybody who has seen the show knows how great it is. If you haven't seen a show on this leg of the tour, I recommend it since they keep adding songs and especially the end with the tribute to the September 11th victims. Have a great time.

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