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People don't want crumbs from the table. They don't want charity. They want to be at the table. -- Bono

by Hobbes

This was my fourth show on this tour and it was an equal to the second NYC show or better!! This was really an emotional show for me considering that i live in New York, but go to school in Baltimore. Hearing Please for the first time this tour really surprised me even with the cool little guitar intro they had to start the song. I know most people complain about the setlist, but the songs they keep on choosing to play really seem to work with this leg and wouldn't want to hear any other songs. I managed to be at the tip of the heart (considering there was like 500 people ahead of me on the GA line) and that is always a cool experience and this time i didn't have anyone annoying behind me this time. Also seeing the guy get pulled up on stage and play Knocking on Heaven's Door was also a highlight for me. I was a little upset that Garbage had to cancel, but Graham Parker and the Figgs filled in nicely i thought and covering a Ramones song is always a plus. Seeing this concert makes me wish that i was able to go to more 3rd Leg shows, but i can't. Anyway, a really great show, a wonderful way for me to have ended a hectic week.

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