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"As life-transforming as I think a U2 gig is, it's not life and death. Doctors, nurses and mothers have more important jobs." — Bono

by AJ

Thats the best way to sum it up...or how about...

There just aren't enough words to describe seeing U2 walk out and with all their might starting the night the best way possible (what a song to do that elevation ROCKS) From that point on it was evident that that brisk night in Baltimore would be remembered by many people for along, long time. Of corse there is nothing bad to say here(well they didnt play mysterious ways, OR with or with out you, but thats alright, they made up for it w/ the rest of the songs).
Its really evident how much the fans mean to these boys. From the constant interaction with them (touching then, taking their flags and hugging them etc), to actually pulling one onstage to play Knockin on Heavens Door. The entire night was just full of energy which showed in every song.

This was my first Elevation concert, and my first real music concert, and it delivered on all fronts. And because it was so absolutely amazing I ran home and got tickets for one of their next shows in the greatest city in the world. See you in New York

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