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"What I like about pop music, and why I'm still attracted to it, is that in the end it becomes our folk music." — Bono

by Brandon R

this was a great show, even though garbage was not there. But their fill in, Graham Cracker and the Figs, was 500X's better than P.J. Harvey. anyway, it was a disappointment for me because the last time I saw U2 on this tour, i was spoiled by the "royal" inside the heart treatment; but the people who were in the heart this time were camped out Since TUESDAY, AND THE SHOW WAS FRIDAY!!! They deserved it. the reason this is no the case in Philly is because they allow no solicitors until the 5 hours before the show actually starts, which is how it should be. but in Baltimore, it is right on the city streets and you cant do a thing about it, oh well, i guess you could say i am complaining. I wanted inside the heart, is that such a big deal? I was so happy because they played Out of Control. that is one of my favorite songs. I was more happy becauset they played PLEASE, and even though Bono didnt know the words(he had a piece of paper with the words on under his sleeve) to jog his memory. Hey, you cant remember them all Bono, and i understand. Edges guitar in Please was so great! i wish they would play that song more often. The guy on stage playing guitar on Knockin ON Heavens Door played spectacularly. It must have been his calling, or else he did it before or has a cover band. All in all, the show was great. I was right outside the heart against the stage. Actually, I was more close to Bono and Edge than i was before, but by only about 5 feet. Still, 5 feet is 5 feet. Hope you get to see them. If you dont, you will have about a 2 year wait since they will be recording a new record after ELEVATION is over, so, hope to see you then!

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