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"You need this period before you make a record of just playing, as in playfulness." — Bono

by Sinpoet

Wooooooaaaaaaaahhhh what can I say this show rocked. I thought from the setlists I have been seeing up until U2's show tonight that it was gonna just be a rehash of what I saw over the summer and yet I witnessed the energy level boosted ten fold as U2 got more personal and close to the crowd by talking about life in ireland and Bono taking the time to embrace the american flag which seemed to last an eternity, and then gently hand it back like a new born baby to its owner. Not to mention them bringing back some classics like knocking on heavens door and Please along with out of control. The house was full of vibes of god, soul, and other feelings I can't put into words at the moment. U2 never ceases to impress thats for sure. Get Up and Go See Em is All over again I Can Say :-)

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