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"I don't think that understanding what our beliefs are is important. What is important is that we get our audiences thinking about things for themselves." — Adam

by Brent Webb-Hicks

Just got back from the U2 Baltimore show. It was the first show I've seen live, and I can honestly say that $130+ I paid was all worth it! The show is beyond awesome, the crowd was really into it, and the band was everything I expected it to be. Bono was great, really interacting with the crowd. Some guy had a sign that said he could play "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", and he really could. I mean, the dude didn't miss a note, and even got to sing. What a lucky SOB. They played "Please" for the first time (I think, I could be wrong) with Bono saying "this song is about...well, you know what it's about", and then they played it. The "September, streets capsizing..." part seemed especially poignant. It was more low-key than the Popmart boots I've heard, but it fit the mood perfectly.

The crowd was totally into it. When "Sgt. Peppers" started, every stood up, and didn't sit down until well after the band left the stage after "Walk On". I almost went hoarse singing the "Woo-wooo" part in "Elevation". They went ape for "Streets...", "Pride", "SBS", and even "New York". "USA" chants were also prevalent.

They didn't play my fav, "Bad", but I'm not going to complain. Absolutely the best concert I've ever seen, and to anyone waffling about seeing Elevation, get off your butt and get some tickets! I guarantee you won't regret it.

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