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"When you start out in a band, it's all a mystery. You want people to think you've got it all planned, but you really don't know what you are doing." — Bono

by Misael

May 11th 2011
The first 360 tour concert in Mexico City fulfilled all my song expectations.
It was a great night, some of us were a little worried about the rain but all turned ok with the weather. The intro was not what I expected, it was to slow. The time frame between they appeared on the screen and they started with Even Better than the real thing was to long (one of mi memories as a kid is the intro at the ZOO TV tour, that day the intro was unexpected, lights off! Seconds latter Edge and the shadow of Bono!)
The not too good:
The 360 is not all that 360 after all, the band spends most of the time facing the zone were the controls are! The claw is not what we expected; maybe the reason is too much expectation. The screen had one small part that didnt work. There was too much political statement!
The great:
The play list was what Mxico City needed to listen; personally I heard the songs that I wanted to! The sound was clear and loud! Please congratulate the sound engineers. The best songs, to me, were Mysterious Ways, Pride and One. The time machine, as Bono called the stage, took us to the classic songs that made U2 the legendary band they are now.
There is nothing better than a great band with 100,000 enthusiasts
Great Show!

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