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"We've never been cool; we're hot. Irish people are Italians who can't dress, Jamaicans who can't dance." — Bono

by Alfredo Daz

Before the fist show in Mexico, a u2mexico.com made a party where we could sing a guestbook that Universal gave to the band. In my page I signed "A dream becomes true" and trully it did. Even I hadn't the best place in the line, when I ran into the pitch none had gotten the first line so I got the very best place in the hole stadium: right in front of Bono. My first U2 concert and I had the best spot I could ever had dream!

It was so anxiety, the waiting was so hard, my heart beeting so strong for hours waiting to see them. Then they were there: Edge appered from noweher and he looked so big, then like sunshine Adam, Larry and coming from my right Bono.

I shouth like I'd never done before. Pumpping my fist, jumping, loosing my voice untill today -tuesday-. Bono spread some water into us, came off from stage in UTEOTW, Adam smiled evrytime we shouth at him, Larry did the same after 40.

And what to say about the set lits? After the hole 2nd leg and Monterrey show, ther was no reason to think something really big could happen, but is U2 and it did. When Mysterious ways started, the show has exploted and made its way into the hitory.

A everlasting experience. My heroes for the first time in the place I never tought I could ever get. Thank YOU!!!!!TOO

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