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"Washington is not afraid of student activists and rock stars. But they are nervous when they see men with collars hanging out with students and rock stars." — Bono

by Javier CuevasCruz4

"See the world in red and green, Mexico City right in front of you" in Beautiful Day was very emotional. I can't tell you what was the greatest moment of the night. I think the greatest moment was the entire concert, 2 hours of endless happines, well, we really missed "Bad" but we have "with or without you" instead "Bad". Chiapas no more, El Salvador no more, and other places I can't remember were mentioned in Pride. The great chorus of I still haven't found what I`m looking for was unforggetable and after that a WOW! shouted by Bono. Cielito Lindo ufff!. To many memories.

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