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Bono is so in love with his time spent with us. -- Edge

by Becxs

It was a really amazing concert! I was there in San Diego last year for the kick off show... and I can say that they did a great job in arranging an awesome setlist!
Starting with City of Blinding lights was a great decision since that song is just wonderful to start the concert....! (just like they did in San Diego... it sent chills down my spine then, just as last night!)
And I will say this, not just because I am great U2 fan or because I am mexican... but the audience makes all the difference!!! Everyone was singing... everyone was jumping.... everyone using their firelighters (or the cellphones)... it was an amazing feeling and even people that I know that were in Chicago for the DVD shows... say that it is just not the same!
I was a bit disappointed that they didn't sing Bad, since they did it in Monterrey, but I have the hopes that they will do it tonight! But it was great to hear Zoostation, The Fly and Until the End of the World again!!
Something remarkable too was that they've done a great job in adapting the show for Mexico (LAmerica) ... Apart from the mexican flags during Where the Streets Have No Name... during The Fly, the Zootv-type messages on the screen where both in spanish and in english... almost half and half... and it was just amazing... it bombed us with many many messages that were certainly not there in San Diego.
Something weird.... Bono picked up the same girl to come up to him during Mysterious Ways and then for With or Without you. I don't know if he did it on purpose or he just didn't realise! Funny he kept shutting her up! he he he I think she wanted to use the mic! He certainly realised it was the same girl once she was up there.... she was wearing a different shirt though... maybe that's what made the difference from his view... :)
Let's see what the band does tonight. I am hoping there will be some surprises or changes from yesterday.

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