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'Dad, you should listen to the radio more. You know, like, I'm not sure this is really, you know, gonna go over.' -- Edge, repeating his daughter's response to How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

by Digi

A fantastic night in Istanbul and certainly worth the travel from the UK and the drenching pre-show from a quick torrential downpour. What the show lacked from the stadium not reaching capacity, it certainly made up for in crowd noise... The Turks might not know the older songs quite so well, but never have I heard a place rock so hard to 'Vertigo' and the singback during 'I Still Haven't Found..' was immense ! The whole day went incredibly well - The GA line was a dream and exceptionally well organised considering its not something the security do very often! We were on the outer rail towards the centre and it was THE perfect spot to stand and watch the band at their best. I've been pretty critical of late regarding static setlists but Monday night flowed and Bono was at his most energetic best - its been a while since i've seen him look as much 'into' a show

Roll on 2 nights in Zurich!

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