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"The last time we took a TV station on the road — this time we are taking a supermarket." — Bono, on Popmart

by peter drew

what can i say , i made it , i was there and when it all comes back to me i will probably be able to post a better review. To much to take in , to much singing and dancing , to much adrenaline . Had to check web sites to find the set list as with all major events in your life , it had all blurred into one surreal memory . Until the end of the world , elevation (rocks big time ), staring , new york an avalanche of sound , 11 oclock ,i will follow took you back to your early days , ground , one all i want , just so many great songs then Bad followed by "40" and Larry Mullen Jnr alone except for a spotlight , banging away with the whole Astoria singing "how long to sing this song "........ can't describe the feeling , but it gives me goosebumps thinking back to it .

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