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"[G]enius, scientist, a man sexually aroused by data, a Zen Presbyterian and one of the few Christians I've ever met and liked." — Bono, on Edge

by SLY

After 9 other shows stretching back to the Joshua Tree Tour, it was nice to hear show number 10 feature The Edge more than Bono. Bono's voice was obviously not the same (but still much better than most vocalists) after all the years of wear and tear. His vocals were buried deep into the mix and were difficult to hear at times. Was this done purposely to mask something? It did give me an opportunity to listen closely to the individual instruments, especially The Edge's guitar.

The last song, "40", had a false start. It sounded like Bono sang the first verse in the wrong key. He stopped singing the song prematurely and took about 30 seconds to discuss the situation with The Edge. His second attempt was more successful. Since this was only the fourth performance of the song since 1990, I was not surprised by the mistake. I hope the show is a little more polished when I see them again in October.

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