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"Bono is a pretty unique individual, and he's got great judgment. He's able to perform open-heart surgery and zap people with a bit of brain surgery at the same time." — Adam

by Kavorka

I really enjoyed this show. The pope show. It seemed more fluid. Bonos solo drum set and dramatic drumming reminds me of Radioheads live perfromance of There There. It was a great way to start the show. Big and thunderous. Then right into Vertigo. It such an anthem, and just rocks. The crowd loves it. I saw the blinky light guy going nuts FOB DFC with like 6 lights on. Rockin' out. I never was a big fan of Elevation, but love it live. Tonights intro was sick. I love edges pedal. I love the garage feedback feel to the song. bono talks and introduces track 4, Boy? Talks of being a boy playing in america. Just continued to rock. Scats, I can see for miles, and miles. track 5- ??? Okay. City of blinding lights is a grand performance. A spectacle I dig very much. I love the lights and effects. yada yada

another great show.

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