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"The last time we took a TV station on the road — this time we are taking a supermarket." — Bono, on Popmart

by Frank E

This is the 2nd show of this tour I have seen, and so far one the best performances and set lists I have ever seen them play. I thought it was going to be a reflective night, being that the Pope had just passed on this morning. But the show turned out to be a celebration of life and love. "Streets" is always going to rock the house, no matter what, but it was the songs from "Boy" which shows that this is the only band in the Hall Of Fame, which can play their first songs, and make them sound as fresh as it did over 20 years ago, Unlike other performers who add additional back up singers and instrumentalist. My personal favorite of the night was "Cry/Electric Co." It was much more rocking than alot of the song played tonight, and much more faster tempo than when they were doing "I Will Follow" on the last tour. I also loved "Vertigo",which is destened to be a live staple, they have added a verse from "Stories For Boys". But i do have to say that was much better in San Diego, because it was a surprise. I dont know if they did it in San Diego, but at the end of "Vertigo", Bono ws singing the chours to Oasis' "Hello", which is really cool if you know the song. Other Bono additions/ad-libs I caught were "When Johnny comes marching home" - american patriotic song and "The Hands the Built America" - U2; both during "Bullit The Blue Sky" and "I Can See For Miles" - The Who; on the end of a song that escapes me, and I hear that on both shows.

This was pretty much the same songs I heard the first night in San Diego,in a different order, but 4 shows in, they are more polished, yet they still sound raw and alive.

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