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"I laugh when people talk about a U2 masterplan; I think people helped us because they took pity on us." — Larry

by MKreg

In a word...I can't even choose one! Last night's show was the best show I have ever seen, by U2 or any other band. The energy that soared from the band infected the crowd like a plauge. From Love and Peace to 40 the energy failed to cease. Personally there were times were I was more overwhelmed by the roar of the crowd than by th music. A show is always so much better when everyone is completely lost, being tossed around, lifted up, and smashed back down. The boys really gave us a ride last night.
My favorable highlights were too many to list, but most memorable had to have been the child, Devyn I believe her name was, brought on stage at the end of "Into the Heart," or the tremendously moving story Bono told at the intro to "Miracle Drug" about the Pope and the Fly shades he wanted.
U2 is known for touching souls during their shows. Last night they went beyond that, touching our souls, hearts, minds, conscience, and ego's. It was a night to remember, and will be remembered for the rest of my life!!!

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