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Frank Sinatra made a man out of me . . . in rock and pop most males play girls or boys. -- Bono

by NealP

This show deserves a review reflective of how powerful this show was so I will try. First, I must compare it to opening night-the only other show I have seen so far. I came away from San Diego thrilled with the new material-and I still LOVE COBL as the opener-probably because I just see it as this album's "Streets" and my first U-2 show at the LA Sports Arena opened with Streets and it remains my all time favorite. But the rest of San Diego left me a little sad. Mostly at myself for not just enjoying what is still the most incredible band on the planet-so why did i feel a bit let down? The whole ga saga-being crushed 10 feet back of the Ellipse-not being able to see well (and I'm 6'2) and just feeling that certain songs lacked punch-especially Elevation and Streets. So i came into this show perhaps not expecting as much but hopeful based on what I heard about Night 1. First, i decided to drive down and arrive as they were letting us in-a huge improvement in just not being exhausted after waiting all day. I noticed BTW that many others did this too. When I walked into the arena I could have easily been only 3-4 feet back of the ramp. Next-luck was certainly with me-this was my 15 year old daughter's first show and her ticket lit up RED. I have probably never acted so excited in my life because I knew that she would be able to experience the show safely and closely to the band-and the Ellipse is just so so much better if you are lucky enough to get in. As a side note they definitly let more people in to the Ellipse than in San Diego so hopefully more can now enjoy. OK-on to the show. I don't know if Love and Peace is the right opener but it definitly is so powerful-i mean Bono is a man possessed banging those drums-I loved it in SD probably best and it was fantastic here and set me up for something i just didn't grasp the first night which is how powerfully the messages of the album and of the bands beliefs are tied together in this show. Streets in SD was a disappointment because they didn't turn the lights on (not that they have to every time but again-it lacked energy) here the segue way from Pride's audience chanting into Streets was as powerful as I have ever seen-even without the red screens. And the decision to go into Vertigo second is as fitting as Bful Day was last tour-the audience jumps right in and i think is much more fitting than SBS. The sound and Bono's voice, as has been mentioned, were fantastic. Other moving moments-right next to us were 2 little girls-and i mean 6 or 7 maybe. Before, COBL Bono reached out and decided to pull "Devin" up on stage. He walks here to the front and says "look up" as the confetti falls-walks her all around the Ellipse hand in hand as the crowd goes wild. Also his comment about 4 young boys in the land of Goofy and Mickey in introducing Electric co, the petting and cat moves during An cat dubh, painting the clown lips during the "clowns" bit-just really camping it up to great effect. And, no he didn't wipe tears away during SYCMIOYO as in SD but he was 2 feet in front of us during that song and he clearly "feels it" when he sings-believe me! A very touching and funny story of his meeting with the Pope before miracle drug which is just so good live-this album is really a live album like nothing since ABaby (anyone notice only 2 songs from 92-2003 if you don't include the snippet of Hands that Built America?) and I don't think i ever say Adam clayton come out to the top of the Heart on the last tour but he did it here and seemed to be enjoying himself. In fact the whole band seemed to be. Ironically, Bono muffed the lines in New Years day, SBS, 40 (Had to start over) and one other AND IT JUST DIDN"T MATTER. The energy was that good. A few final thoughts-I have never seen lights in an arena like last night-from cell phones. i don't really like the fact that everyone seems as interested in taking pictures as going nuts to the music but it was striking-Bono asked for the lights to be turned off for full effect and it was incredible. To conclude the intro to One is just gripping. It really brings the show full circle and seriously makes me want to do something for Africa-as Bono said "here's the pitch" and i was sold. he says "they don't want our money, but they want our voice"-a ballsy thing to bring up in front of "out on the town wealthy OC 30 somethings" but if he gets a few each show then mission accomplished-it reminded me of his passion for Amnesty back in the day and i applaud them for staying true to their convictions. And on top of it all the show rocked! Can't wait for Staples/ London and Dublin-this tour is a steamroller!

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