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"It's got some great songs, it's quite original sounding and I don't get embarrassed when I hear it on the radio." — Edge, on Achtung Baby

by Jonathan U2BassAce

Wow Anaheim 2 my 4th of the tour and 11th U2 show, I sit here at 9 AM about to catch a flight to Charleston, SC and my ears are still ringing! Not so much from the stunning quality of the U2 PA system but from the crowd!! 4 shows in a week and I am feeling a bit sad because this can only mean my Vertigo experience through the first sweep throught the US is more than half over! Almost 4 years of waiting then bam it's almost over.

Last night was a blast. Exectution to the max. The boys nailed it!! The opener Love, Peace or Else aint going away! That is a keeper for sure and with the backside curve ball of Vertgigo I could have walked out of the arena right then and been perfectily content! My 2 favorite Vertigo moments in the first 10 minutes of the show. Damn!!

Last night I brought my mom, wife and 8 year old daughter to the show, plus some close friends. My daughter's first U2 show. She was blown away! I took her to Dylan about 6 months ago and she fell asleep. Deep into last night's show I looked down at her and she was dancing with a HUGE smile on her face. Then she stood up on the elevated seat I put my arm around her and we rocked to U2 for a solid 45 minutes arm in arm. A moment I will never forget!! Special memory's and bonding that only a U2 catalyst could bring!!

The show was perfect, yeah I could critique the song choices "slightly". But after 4 shows through the South West US I have come to realize. The only way I could walk away from a U2 concert at this point and be perfectly content with the set list is if they played a 30 to 35 song set. Come on, 14 albums many with 3 to 5 hits on each of them. All special in their own way. All of them a time mark in your life that can evoke emotion you didn't even know were there. Impossible!

Well I am bummed I am on the road now, with the tour heading up the street to LA. But I could not miss this opportunity. I am going to a conference that I will have the opportunity to personally meet Colin Powell, his first public speaking engagment since he left office and for only about 40 people and guess what? I purchased a special Vertigo T-Shirt that I am going to hand him tomorrow! Of course after, I have, thanks to Bono, a lively discussion on the future of Africa! Enough said and pictures to follow!

Well I will hop back on the Vertigo roller coaster on April 14th for 2 shows in Phoenix then on to Denver! For those of you waiting for your first show get ready to rock!!! NoCal do us proud!!

A couple of tidbits form the first 4 shows.

Behind the stage seats: you have to see at least one concert from that vantage point. Super under rated. Best deal in the building. If I only could go to one show. I would be stoked to have them.

GA: Awesome if you get in the bomb shelter. BUT you have a 1 in 5 chance. If you don't the behind the stage seats are better and anything to the side of the stage the best. So if you're going to one show play the odds if you wish, but for a sure thing beauty get anywhere "behind or next to" near the stage. This is really do to the fact that Bono and the boys are not utilizing the catwalk like Elevation. Maybe only half as much if that. I don't think this will change much as Bono is playing more guitar these days.

And last: U2 please play Crumbs....some of the songs from HTDAAB, especially the songs like Crumbs will bever be played live unless it's on this tour. Boy's you're promoting an album throw in 1 or 2 more from it. Ok, some people might be offended but what the heck............Let's Rock and Roll!!!!

Boys....Play Rock and Roll////////Anaheeeeeiim!!! History has just strolled through town! What a "blast"!!! See ya in Phoenix!!!!

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